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“Can I Borrow Your Van?” The 24 hour journey that launched Sputnik Coffee.

  • By Diarmuid Horan

“Can I Borrow Your Van?” The 24 hour journey that launched Sputnik Coffee.

Vova: “Hey, Greesha, can I borrow your van?"

Greesha: “For what!?!”

Vova: “To pick up a coffee roaster in Ohio”

Greesha: “Sure, knock yourself out!”


(Via text message)

Vova: “Yo, Michael and D (Diarmuid), I found a 5kg roaster on Craigslist. It’s in Columbus OH. It’s only 7k. Will we do it?”

Michael: “Hell yes!”

D: “Absolutely, what’s the worst that could happen.”

Vova: “Nice, who wants to come at 4 am tomorrow morning?”

Michael: “Sorry guys, I can’t make it, but I’ll get you the money tonight”

D: “Pick me up”


24 hours later, Vova and Diarmuid had spent 14 hours hauling themselves across the Midwest in a 2000 Chevy conversion van, discovered the Chevy was not tall enough to fit an 800+ lb US Roasters Corp steel roaster, eaten lunch on a sidewalk, pierced a hole in the steel floor of a Uhaul trailer, and with the help of Greesha and Michael, drilled into a chimney to vent the roaster from a basement in Logan Square.


What you’ve just read, was how we started Sputnik Coffee, where we focus on making great coffee simple and affordable. We first started with our $6 bag, then our $45 5lb subscription, and now we’d like to launch refreshing cold brew growlers - perfect for your home, office or a millennium park summer night.


Does the growler sound interesting? Let us know at vova@sputnikroasters.com, we’re racking up pre-orders now.


Wishing you an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.

Sputnik Coffee Company

Interested in Cold Brew for your office? Let us know - vova@sputnikroasters.com

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