Sputnik Cold Brew

Cold Brew

We used to avoid coffee mixed with ice. It was usually weak and even weaker when the ice melted.

Last summer when we started prepping for the South Loop farmers market we realized that we wouldn’t have power - a generator was out of our budget. We needed a way for people to try our coffee. We needed cold brew. After experimenting for a couple nights we landed on a recipe that was smoother and stronger than what we were used to drinking.

You have to try it for yourself. Our concentrate starts out as 5lbs of coarsely ground Sputnik Coffee and 3 gallons of water.

We stir and wait overnight.

Every morning we taste last night’s batch and dilute it just enough to take the edge off.

At the cafe we serve it in a pint glass. Sometimes we spill.

We’re happy to share our recipe for you to make cold brew at home with your bag of Sputnik coffee. Shoot an email to me -vova@sputnikroasters - if you want instructions.


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A fan of Sputnik coffee.
I made cold brew coffee every night and it is STRONG!

Michael Calderone

Michael Calderone

Cold brew is amazing.

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