Imperfect Produce + Sputnik are bringing coffee to the Midwest

Imperfect Produce + Sputnik are bringing coffee to the Midwest

This past weekend, Imperfect Produce announced Sputnik Coffee Company as their Midwest partner for craft coffee. Imperfect Produce is a food-delivery service based in San Francisco, California, whose mission is to combat food waste by packaging “ugly” or “imperfect” produce, and most recently, grocery items to your doorstep. Foods that would otherwise be discarded in retail are given a new life, packaged, and sold at discount. Now, Imperfect customers can select to have Sputnik coffee delivered fresh to their door weekly without having to set a foot in the grocery store.

While Imperfect’s model is based on selling imperfect items, be well-assured that the quality of coffee will not be compromised. Due to a minor printing error, our new bags would not scan and otherwise able to sell in normal retail. Upon learning about our package mishap and our mission to spread access to affordable, delicious coffee, Imperfect partnered with us to bring Sputnik to a wider Midwest audience. We are grateful to them for supporting local Chicago coffee and are excited to adopt Imperfect customers as our customers. Check out our interview with Imperfect on their online blog to find out more about our partnership and the steps we’re taking to afford coffee-lovers delicious, responsibly-crafted coffee.

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Use the code: SPUTNIK when you sign up with Imperfect Produce and receive 50% off on your first box. Thanks, Imperfect Produce!



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